Eveen Halawa
Hands down the best barbershop in lockport, you dont have to wait a week to be seen its walk ins Only first come first serve, experienced barbers and they cut all ages and all types of hair. Even on a busy day with 4 barbers or more u are not waiting too long to be seen. The vibe of the shop is hip and new, great atmosphere.we have fun, crack jokes , and we have u waking out looking fresh to death, You cant go wrong wit ne of the barbers their all talented. Get you a fresh fade and shave u wont regret it. Oh and open 7 days a week and 365 dYs a year where else can you find that? Nowhere
Alex Shefcik
I've been going here for about a year and had two different barbers. Strongly recommend giving this place a try. Just know they are a cash only establishment.
Sabina Wielgus
Went in today with my boyfriend as we were looking for a good barber around the area. Let me just say…AMAZING. I sat there waiting for him to get his haircut and I caught myself just STARING at all the barbers because they all just knew exactly what they were doing. They were kind, fast, and do a great job on all types of hair, all ages. They make kids comfortable while making conversation and frequently checking in to see if everything is okay. Definitely recommend this place…we found our new haircut spot for my bf! 10 stars!
Nicki Frankie
Keanu gave me an AMAZING undercut hair tattoo that I get compliments on constantly! He took his time, remained playful and fun spirited, and I look forward to going back. The atmosphere and staff were also really cool.
christopher dabek
This Barbershop is super cool and set up absolutely fantastic. First time there today, and from the moment I walked in I knew I liked it - the set up, the cool decor and available super professional barbers. The haircut I received today was absolutely amazing, trimmed to perfection and faded to my liking 👍
Colin Bourke
Never had a bad experience here. Doesn’t matter who cuts my hair. It’s always spot on. They cut mine and my two brothers hair. It was for my brothers wedding and I couldn’t recommend them more.
Mohammed Eid
I’ve been cutting mine and my kids hair at this place since they’ve opened. It’s a 30 min drive to this shop but it’s worth it. I’ve tried all the senior barbers there starting with Sam, Liz, Omar, Frosted, Enrique , Eddie and Chris. Never walked out of there regretting. They are the best I’ve tried. They are so friendly to kids, my boys know them by name as well. Keep it up Barberz Blvd. 👍🏼
Robin Wheeler
Every barber there deliver high quality and they are great with kids!